Concerns & Questions Procedure


The TKSCC Steering Committee has decided to put in a process in place to better address concerns from our members. This is the process to be used:

  1. 1.Submit your concerns in writing to CTA Staff, Jason Thompson. Articulate in detail exactly what it is you want explained.          

  2. 2. Jason Thompson,     
    301 West School Ave Visalia, CA 93291
    559-739-7863 Fax

  3. 3.Your concern will be added to the agenda of our next meeting: Steering Committee or Service Center Council (SCC). At that meeting, the SCC Chair or other SCC Officer, or an appropriate committee person will do his/her best to address your concerns.

  4. 4.If your concerns are not adequately addressed at that meeting then we will determine what our next step will be.

We are confident that issues can be addressed to the satisfaction of all members

*Concerns & Questions can still be addressed directly at SCC Steering Committee or SCC meeting directly at the appropriate place in the agenda.

TKSCC Steering Committee